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Guide to the Church of the Rosario parte II.

Second chapel on the right.

The chapel was built in 1716 by Giovanni Donati after a sec­ondary entrance to the church was closed. The rich foliaceous decoration of the ancon is typically 18th century with a disjointed concave line that ends in the lavish cornice.

Two angels stand on the large volutes of the base and above them two more whose gestures and looks seem to imitate those in the painting depicting the Death of Saint Joseph.

Placed on the altar in 1717, the work was commissioned to Felice Torelli (Verona 1667-Bologna 1748) by Donati.It represents the Saint's ascension to heaven accompanied by a whirling group of angels.

Second Chapel on the right Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)
Second Chapel on the right

On the side walls of the chapel are the 18th century statues in terracotta of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and Saint Anthony of Padua, commissioned by the Fanti family. Below the inches are two groups in polychrome terracotta, the left depicting the Death of Saint Joseph and the right the Nativity with Shepherds bv Cesare Tiazzi of Cento, particularly attractive in its natural representation.

Nativity Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)

Third chapel on the right.

Built in 1636, the niche originally held the statue of Sainl Anthony of Padua. It was later removed and put in the second altar and replaced with the statue of Saint Dominic by an unknown 19th century artist after the chapel was solemnly dedicated to Saint Dominic in 1893.

The Saint appears well identified in his numerous attributes: the star on his head, source of supernatural light: the lily, symbol of chastity of the founder of a monastic order: the Evangelical book, since he was a preacher against heresies: the rosary beads, since the institution and diffusion of this prayer is commonlv attributed to the Saint: the dog with the burning torch to symbolise the play on words "Domini canis" (dog of the Lord).

The coat of arms of the Dominican order, realised when the chapel was dedicated, sits on the cornice of the ancon in the centre of two volutes holding angels wilh their arms pointing lo heaven.

Third chapel on the right Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)
Third chapel on the right

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