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Guide to the Church of the Rosario part VI.

Via Crucis.

The 14 stations of the Via Crucis - works by Ottavio Mazzonis of Turin - Hearing completion with the Resurrection, became part of the artistic wealth of the church in May 2003..

The leitmotif linking the sensitivity of the artist with that of the best Emilian Seicento, especially of Guercino, makes the work of Mazzonis, although absolutely original, blend in with the existing works of art housed in the church.

Monumental and intimate at the same time, the paintings live through the figures in the foreground against a backdrop of residual iconic traces, the skilful use of light, the drapings moved by the rustling of a sort of "chromatic wind", and the beauty of cadenced rhythms that accompany the climb of Christ up to Calvary.

Via Crucis Ecce Homo Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)
Via Crucis Ecce Homo

The iconography consolidated by a long tradition is presented as a new, engrossing, lyrical interpretation of the scriptural theme and induces you to meditate on the symbolic value of pain as it progressively manifests itself as passion.

The cross, inextricably linked to the historical-salvific destiny of Jesus Christ, gradually appears on the canvas in cross-cut, illuminated by a light that accentuates its presence, quantifies its weight, dramatises its function until appearirrg in its full symbolic value as a coincidence of opposites: darkness and light, heaven and earth, condemnation and glorification.

Via Crucis icons 2-7 Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)
Via Crucis icons 2-7

Via Crucis 8-13 Chiesa del Rosario , Cento (FE)
Via Crucis icons 8-13

Via Crucis the entombment Church of the Rosario , Cento (FE)
Via Crucis the entombment

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